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Top 10 Greatest July 4th Drinks

6. Jelly Shots for the 4th

Red, white, blue and cool. You need large strawberries, blue Jell-O, milk, sugar, cream, clear gelatin, and vodka. Cut the bottom off of the strawberries. Hollow out the middle of the strawberries evenly. Make the blue and clear gelatin. Use sugar and cream to make the clear gelatin white. Add the gelatin mixtures to one-half cup of vodka. Do not let the mixture set. Pour the blue mixture into the strawberry and let chill until firm. Pour the white mixture on top of the blue mixture and chill. Use a pop sickle stick.



5. July 4th Slushies

These are cooling and patriotic looking. This has a distinct blend of flavors. Serve in mason jars that have handles. Blend one dozen ice cubes, cranberry juice, and vodka to make the red bottom layer. Blend a dozen ice cubes and blue Curacao to make the blue layer. Blend vodka, lemonade, and ice to make the white layer. Take care in pouring the layers into the glasses to maintain the separation of colors.



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