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Greatest Vodkas without Breaking the Bank

4. Belvedere Vodka

Proudly Made from Rye, Water, Character
Only the most dedicated and passionate dare make Polish Vodka. With the most rigorously regulated vodka laws on the planet, there are no short cuts for quality or consistency. Every step of production must occur on Polish soil with locally-sourced raw ingredients. Belvedere uses Dankowskie Rye from the Mazovian plains of Poland and water from its own proprietary wells to create this luxury vodka. It’s an integral part of what makes Belvedere proud to serve your palate.


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3. Blue Duck Rare Vodka

Blue Duck Rare Vodka is inspired by the extremely rare and endangered blue duck (Hymenolaimus malacorhynchos). It is unique to New Zealand, and is confined to white-water rivers in the country’s remote mountain regions.
Blue Duck is a premium vodka that is handcrafted, batched-distilled in a reflex copper pot still and is blended with the purest water in the world. Seven distillations refine the vodka to produce a velvety smooth texture and a highly distinctive and incomparable taste.
A percentage of our profits is donated to the Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society of New Zealand, an organisation dedicated to the preservation of the blue duck for future generations.
A rare duck, a rare vodka – and a rare opportunity to drink responsibly and help save this endangered species from extinction.


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