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Bubble Bomb Shots

Are you ready to drop a bomb on your sobriety? The Bubble Bomb Shots are bubble gum flavored drinks designed to annihilate all trace of any sober feelings your brain was holding onto. You take that amazing bubble gum flavor of delicious candies like Blow Pops or snow cone syrup and slap it together with some vodka and cherry to create a true marvel of power and flavor. Also there are dope little cherries in there to give you that extra piece of fruit for your nutritional needs.

Slowly layer each liquid on top of each other to get this awesome effect!

+ Rim Glasses with Bubblegum Sugar
+ Bubblegum Syrup
+ Sweet and Sour
+ Vodka with a splash of Blue Curaçao
+ Cherry

Instagram Photo Credit @blind_bartender

Our Bubble Gum Infused Vodka is the best way to make vodka!. Don’t be fooled with how this drink look it packs a punch. Make sure to submit your favorit drinks and a picture to our Facebook, Instagram, or Website. Watch us make The Bubble Gum Infused Vodka!