10 Animals Who Might Party Harder Than You

4. Whiskey Crabs

Whiskey! A crabs favorite drink! You might have thought crabs prefer rum, but we all thought wrong. While crabs might be both delicious and sort of creepy looking, they might also make great drinking buddies. Think about it. They clasp right onto a bottle and slug it back, then what do they do? Assuming you have a crab with a good sense of humor, you might seem them test those powerful claws on little things around them for amusement. We bet a crab could easily cut through some pretzel sticks at a bar.

via HolyTaco

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3. Otters with Beer

“This one is for you! I have the rest of the 12 pack in my den for me…” Don’t you just melt a little bit looking at this ridiculously cute bastard? I don’t care if they are drinking them, setting up bowling pins, or using them as float toys in the water, these beers are theirs forever now.


via TheDrinksBusiness

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