10 Animals Who Might Party Harder Than You

6. Monkeys gone Bananas

Wait, maybe not bananas, try a few too many beers! Although this is an artistic recreation of chimpanzees enjoying a large amount of beers, we all know this is entirely possible. Scientists are mostly aligned on the fact that Chimpanzees are one of our closest ape relatives, so it goes without saying, they likely have some sort of ability to metabolize and enjoy a few sudsy brews. Maybe one day we will finally bridge the human animal connection by cracking a open a few cans and both agreeing that pants are just the worst.

6 - Pina-Colada-Shot

via Joexgarcia

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5. Crazy Cat

Look at this little guy going nuts for this Captain Morgan! Cats don’t need booze to be crazy, but give them a good bottle to play with and watch them live that drunken pirate life. Anyone who has ever had a feline companion knows never to give them actual alcohol. But we can all imagine what it would be like. Those silly little guys wouldn’t know whether to roll over and invite a belly rub or get in a knock down brawl with a chair leg. My money is on the chair leg, but we know there are some tough kitties out there.

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