10 Animals Who Might Party Harder Than You

8. Happy Irish Mini Pig

Holy crap! Have you ever seen anything so ridiculously cute? This tiny little pig is all dressed up and ready to celebrate some Irish pride with a thick and creamy looking dark beer. Whoever the genius was who put this together deserves a freaking medal. Also, where do you get a shopping cart so small? What would you even put in there besides delicious beers? Wherever this pig is going to have that drink, we want to show up and offer a solid cheers.


via LaughSpark

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7. Screwed Up Squirrel

That little rascal has really scored with its beer discovery! Whoever left those beers unaccompanied totally deserves to have it stolen by this furry creature. Next time you are enjoying an adult beverage in a park, make sure to watch out for these tricksters. We hope someone left out a burrito or some tacos to go with those beers. It is only fair they get the full alcoholic experience.


via CoolAnimalsPics

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