10 Animals Who Might Party Harder Than You

10. Drunken Dogs

What have these crazy pups been up to!? Do you see all the stuff they have littered around them? Beer, liquor, coffee, and a CD with ketchup on it? Without reading too much into it, we feel it is safe to assume these might also be the same dogs from the famous poker night painting. For those of you concerned animal lovers out there, we didn’t snap these pictures and absolutely do not condone giving alcohol to your animals. However we are all allowed to enjoy the fact that they exist on the internet. Don’t give alcohol to your pets folks.

via List25

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9. Boozin Birds

This bird knows how to live! Imagine finding a drink that is literally the same size as your body. Would you be brave enough to walk right up to it and start slurping out of a gigantic straw the size of your face? You have to admire the dedication this creature has to getting down. Hopefully he had a friend fly him home after going hard on the drink.

via Untamesaluki

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